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Dedicated to the preservation and restoration of vintage Yamaha 2 strokes

Are you really enjoying that RD just sitting in your garage?

motorcycle Welcome to ForPlay Racing. We are a small independent repair and restoration shop located in Los Gatos, California. Our company is dedicated to the preservation of Yamaha's R5-RD series of two-stroke street bikes from 1970 through 1979. We’ve been working under the radar with word of mouth referrals for the past 18 years performing pretty much everything from service maintenance to full ground up restorations. Our company motto is “Don’t let anyone work on your bike who wasn’t born before it was made."

Nowadays, most motorcycle shops will not work on your bike if it’s pre-2000. This leaves many riders without a way to keep their bikes running. ForPlay Racing fills this niche for the R5-RD owner.